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I’m introduce an overlay for processing (e.g. saving config, loading config and upload config) and error.

In the error overlay, you can access to the full errors details.

Why the full details ? It can help me to debug and fix the error. Please to send me an email or create an issue with this detail ;)

See the Issue template



In this app, you find all skin from the Funbit / ets2-telemetry-server

The goal of this project is to have the skin dashboard for this repository with the latest telemetry data.

Events overlay


When an event occurred from the game, an overlay was displayed with some datas (if available)).

Which events ? See the list below:



For all skin, you can set more information (unit or other setting). Go to Menu > Config to change with your preference.

How to

The config file will stored on the release archive. It’s name config.ets2-dashboard-skin.json.

This JSON file store your preference. I’m recommend you to change data from the app instead of this file

Save my config

To save your config, two way:

Update my config after release update

When you want to keep your config on a new release, you can:

Note: If a missing entry was found, you can’t upload your config.

Log zone


To help me to debug when you have an issue, you can access to a log page.

It keep the last 20 lines.

To open it, tape 5 time on the left bottom corner.

Click on the copy button to coping this list in your clipboard.



I’m proud to introduce the Map (You can retreive this map on the Ets2-Route-Advisor) !

Currently, I’m introduced the map with some navigation data only. Not the full route advisor.


Map support

See the Map section

Available configuration

You can chose to show or hide all features elements listed below.

Go to the Map > Config > Map of route advisor section to set your choices ;)

To know all available configurations, see the

Additionnal setup

See the Map section

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