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The map feature need tiles collection. To do that, you need to generate it.

If you’re interested, check the JAGFx/ts-map project.

See the SCS_Map_Tiles repository for supported game, versions available and download links

See the DLC compatibility on this project

Many thanks to TwinDragon for maintaining a map tiles collection up to date for each new game version

On this section, you can retrieve the following information:


The map feature need tiles collection. You’ve two way to get this tiles:


On default configuration, the map settings are:

This configuration can only use the base map and can switch automatically between ETS or ATS. This configuration do not support any others mod of map.

If you want to use a modded map, see the Custom section.


Go to Menu > Config > Map of route advisor

To change the tiles location, you can select the way on the configuration pan ( Map > Tiles location ) to switch between a remote or a local hosting.

To setup the host path, change the value on Map > Custom remote tiles location and press on the validation button to save the change.

And then, you can choose your map you want to use on the Map > Active map


If you want, you can host your own map tiles collections, your host must follow the files structure:

├── <localhost>
│   ├── <ats>
│   │   ├──  <latest>
│   │   │   └──  Tiles
│   │   │        └── ...
│   │   │   ├── TileMapInfo.json
│   ├── <ets2>
│   │   ├──  <latest>
│   │   │   └──  Tiles
│   │   │        └── ...
│   │   │   ├── TileMapInfo.json

This project support the map tiles collection generated from this project only: JAGFx / ts-map.

Follow the instruction in Generation section.


You can use http-server to host a local tiles collection

$ http-server ./maps -p 8081 --cors -s

And then set the Custom remote tiles location to http://localhost:8081


If you want to participate on this step, You’ll made me happy.

This project need the tiles for:

Export the tiles

Check the side project JAGFx/ts-map to know how ;)