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The map feature requires a collection of tiles. To do this, you need to generate it.

If you’re interested, check the Unicor-p/ts-map project.

See the SCS_Map_Tiles repository for supported games, available versions and download links.

See the DLC compatibility on this project

Many thanks to TwinDragon for keeping the map tiles collection up to date with each new version of the game.

In this section you can find the following information:


The map functionality requires a collection of tiles. You have two ways to get these tiles:


In the default configuration, the map settings are as follows:

This configuration can only use the base map and can automatically switch between ETS or ATS. This configuration does not support any other map mod.

If you want to use a modded map, see the Custom section.


Go to Menu > Config > Map of route advisor

To change the tiles location, it’s simplier and in two action:

Note: All others settings will be ignored. It’s concerned: Active map, Kind of map, Remote tiles location and Game version

See the next section on how to host tile collections.


If you wish, you can host your own collections of map tiles. See the previous section to enable this.

Step 1: Get tiles

This project works with tiles from the Unicor-p/ts-map project. To get them, you can generate them yourself with the previous project, or get them from the SCS_Map_Tiles project.

Collecting other tiles from any other project will not be supported.

Step 2: Host tiles

For both solutions, you need to keep the strict structure provided by the tile collection project. As follows:

├── <your_host>
    └── Tiles
    └── <Other JSON files>
    └── TileMapInfo.json

Own server

If you have your own server on the cloud or elsewhere, you can copy and paste all the content generated by the tiles project into your server.

Local server

If you just want to debug or if you don’t want or can’t host a cloud server, you can create a small server on the local machine (the machine used to run this application and SCS Games).

You can use this one: http-server.

$ http-server ./maps -p 8081 --cors -s

This is a dependency of NodeJs. So you must have NodeJs installed to use it. This is not the only way to get a local server, if you want to use another method, feel free ;)

Step 3: Set the url

Now you just need to define your host on the parameter.

Hosted path = Path to set Final path example

Make sure NOT to add a / at the end of the defined path. It is automatically added.

When using a custom tile location, all other settings for the tiles on the map will be ignored.

Finally, set the path to the Custom remote tiles location.


If you want to participate in this step, you will please me.

This project needs tiles for :

Export the tiles

Check the side project Unicor-p/ts-map to know how ;)