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Known issues

Not yet fixed

Issue Cause
Changing settings in the Configuration tab may not be reflected in the application Relaunch app
May not work with some Apple mobile devices. No solution yet
Wrong next rest time and remaining time #46 See here
Some dashboard may over or under sized in device This problem was found on a device using the scaling definition of their screen.


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Issue Cause Solution
Wrong time stamp of the job delivery time (and remaining delivery time) on World of Trucks The time stamp provided by the API was wrong. And then the estimated remaining delivery time was also wrong. Check here
Application crashed or data update was not smooth Memory leak when updating telemetry data Fixed on #35
Data desynchronization on the dashboard (all data can be updated with a delay). Unknown Stop and restart the application
Application freeze at a given time (mobile device only) Unknown Tap on screen to reactivate it #41
Job information disappears when using Eurotunnel #47 It seems to be a problem with the SCS SDK. N/A
The application may crash at launch #89 Unknown Start the app as an Administrator
The application crashes instantly with a message like
The specified module could not be found. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\pkg\\trucksim-telemetry\build\Release\scsSDKTelemetry.node</code> </td>
Unknown Delete folder at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\pkg and relaunch
Application isn't available outside the PC where running the app Windows 11 firewall policy change If you want to access to your app on another device, you may need to expose explicitly the port 3000 on Windows firewall. See the following instructions